DMK Timber Creations

Quality Strong Furniture from Recycled & Sustainable Timber


At DMK TIMBER CREATIONS we create all solid timber furniture, well designed, all glued and screwed. Our creations won’t warp, crack or come apart when moving from room to room. We deliberately make our furniture pieces structurally solid, and under normal care we imagine our furniture will be still in use for many years to come.

Click on a Diagram below or “Furniture Pieces” from the Menu above to see the full range.

Bookcase Short Wide XL    Bookcase Tall XL       Folding Screen Triple  Bookcase Sml XL    Food Safe 2

DMK Foodsafe 1502_1

OUR AUTHENTICITY STATEMENT:  We brand and date the underneath of our furniture for authenticity. Our furniture is made from scratch locally at Ravenshoe, by two of us in a cottage industry. We create bloody strong furniture. Nothing is imported or purchased half made, every piece is made completely in our shed. We use mostly pine timber from plantation trees, and where possible other recycled timber.

OUR ENVIRONMENTAL OPINION:  We do not use timber products that are from native ecologically important forests or world heritage areas. We are strongly opposed to logging of old growth forests, or wholesale clearing of forests, anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, we think that it would be a good idea for the government to subsidise farmers to becoming “Tree” farmers. This generation of farmers plant the first crop, and the next generation can reap them while planting more, and so on.

It’s Tree Farming, not Rocket Science!

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