DMK Timber Creations

Quality Strong Furniture from Recycled & Sustainable Timber

Short Bookcase

The Short Bookcase is compact at 1,000mm High  x  900mm Wide  x  300mm Deep

The shelves are fixed at 340mm for bottom, 280mm for middle, and 240mm for top shelf.  Solid clear timber 19mm thick is used for construction. Shelves are glued into grooves on the inside walls and screwed from the outside. All other pieces are glued together using a tropical waterproof glue.

Bookcase Sml XL

 1,000mm High  x  900mm Wide  x  300mm Deep

Bookcase Profile sizes Short


The Bookcase pictured was created in Mar 2015,  (DMK No:1503)

DMK Bookcase 1503_1

 DMK Bookcase 1503_2        DMK Bookcase 1503_3


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