DMK Timber Creations

Quality Strong Furniture from Recycled & Sustainable Timber


Our First Foodsafe

Made from recycled 60 yr old Silky Oak floor boards, this is our original Foodsafe idea for the our own kitchen. We love it and couldn’t do without it now, so handy in keeping little critters from fresh produce.

       DMK Food Safe 3       DMK Food Safe 1       DMK Food Safe 2

Bookcase DMK No:1501  (below)

   Bookcase 151_2   DMK Bookcase 1501_4   DMK Bookcase 1501_3   DMK Bookcase 1501_5

Foodsafe DMK No:1502  (below)

DMK Foodsafe 1502_1   DMK Foodsafe 1502_2   DMK Foodsafe 1502_3

This Foodsafe has the added protection of a “Scarebug” like a scarecrow the Mantis inside the back of the cupboard will scare away any pests! Click on the pic to enlarge and look closely to see the wicked grin!

DMK Foodsafe 1502_Mantis1

Bookcase DMK No:1503  (below)

DMK Bookcase 1503_3   DMK Bookcase 1503_2   DMK Bookcase 1503_1

This very solid Short Bookcase is a very handy piece, featuring a decorative V-groove top.

Folding Screen DMK Prototype No:1 (below) 

DMK Folding Screen 1

This one was created for our friend Heather, she has fitted beautifully dynamic purple curtains. It can also be filled with fabric sewn to fit tightly between the top & bottom dowels. The centre of the frame can be filled with other materials, perhaps timber panelling, or partly transparent mesh.


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